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The Enneagram

The Enneagram

To lead others and influence well we first need to know ourselves.  The enneagram is the most powerful system for deepening self-awareness and leadership that I know of in the world today. It is a powerful tool for understanding personality and relationships in all human contexts. The enneagram describes nine distinct personality types, patterns of thinking and behaving and how the different types relate to each other. It helps us understand more deeply why we do what we do and provides a path of development for each of the types.

The main benefits of the enneagram are its depth, versatility and real world practicality. It helps us ‘see’ ourselves, and those we are in relationship with, more clearly. Consequently, it enables insight, deeper capacity for compassionate understanding and the capacity for deep personal and growth. In my experience the enneagram is a brilliant tool for creatives, leadership development and improving team work, communication and collaboration.

I’ve been working with the enneagram for over ten years, trained to Coach with the Enneagram in 2017 through The Enneagram in Business (Ginger Lapid Bogda) and am currently training with Beatric Chestnut and Uranio Pael in the CP Academy.  The enneagram is a key resource that informs my practice in all areas – consulting, facilitation and coaching.

I’ve used the enneagram successfully coaching individual artists who find the arising self-awareness very beneficial in assisting them in their practice. Likewise, leaders and other creative practitioners find it a resource that underpins their transformational growth and assists them in navigating complex situations.

Enneagram Resources

If you are interested to learn more about how the enneagram could benefit you as an artist, practitioner or your team, this resource page may be useful.

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