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Enneagram Resources

Resources To Learn About and Engage with the Enneagram compiled by Susan Coughlan,  Art of Change.

“You can think of the Enneagram as a roadmap — or more accurately, a soul map — for understanding who you are so you can live on purpose and be all that you were destined to be. This powerful personality typing system is a gateway to your inner wisdom that can help you access wholeness, true intimacy, and more authentic relationships. The 9-point Enneagram symbol represents nine unique types or energies, each with specific traits, behavioral patterns, and tendencies — and each with unique gifts. Working with the Enneagram sheds light on the fears, desires, and motivations that — often unconsciously — fuel your world view and behavioral patterns. It also helps you understand specific dynamics within your relationships, opening you up to compassion and empathy, for yourself and others.”   Russ Hudson

This is my curated list of some of my favourite, reliable resources on the Enneagram. If you are ready to learn more, then this is a great place to start. There is a lot of information freely available on the internet about the enneagram and it is really important to make sure your sources are of the best quality.  This selection is informed by my enneagram teachers Russ Hudson, Beatrice Chestnut, Uranio Paes, Ginger Lapid Bogda – and I am very grateful to all of them.

The best way to determine your type is to study, self-observe and reflect using resources to support you. The only person that can identify your type is you. 

General Information: For comprehensive information about type I recommend CP Academy and for how the enneagram system works and relationships between the enneagram types the Enneagram Institute

Tests: You can take an online test, though even the best are not 100% accurate so it is best to pair an online test with a typing session with a trained enneagram coach. Any enneagram test is just a starting point. The test I most use is this paid CP Academy test which provides a 20 page report or there is a simpler and free version called  The CP Enneagram Micro Test. The Truity online test and the RHETI both give a breakdown of the percentages you score within each type instead of giving you just one or two numbers.

Books: The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Russ Hudson is the best all-rounder book I’ve found.

For a fun and simple introduction try The Enneagram Made Easy. Other highly recommended authors to explore are Beatrice Chestnut, Uranio Paes,  Helen Palmer, Russ Hudson, Ginger Lapid Bogda and Richard Rohr

Daily Inspiration – Familiarise yourself without a big time commitment & discern your type between two different options by signing up for this daily enneagram email

Panels: Types 8 9 1 | 2 3 4 | 5 6 7
The best way to learn about each type is through inquiry about how that type experiences life. In each of the type panel videos below, Beatrice Chestnut (an Enneagram author and licensed psychotherapist) interviews a group of 3-6 people that exemplify that particular Enneagram type.
The panellists sharing their experiences, motivations, behaviours and learning. Beatrice
introduces distinctive characteristics of that type, and then asks the panel:
• how they recognise themselves as that type,
• how they grow,
• how they navigate relationships, and
• a Q&A from the audience.

Each interview is about 1.5 hours and is rich with different expressions of each Enneagram type.

Enneagram For Fun Songs composed for each type by Sleeping At Last– this is the one for type 9.

App: Know your Type is a handy app for a pocket sized overview of the enneagram and how enneagram types relate to one another

Energy work exercises for developing each type and this is a great Article by Peter O’Hanrahan on the emotional habits of different enneatypes.  And this a great and entertaining video introduction to the three instincts (which all types have) and how they relate to the creative process.

There are many enneagram podcasts out there to explore. I found Typology helpful at an early stage as it features interviews with recognised Enneagram teachers, authors, psychologists, theologians, artists, business leaders, neuroscientists, and others who are using the Enneagram as a path for personal transformation.

If you are unsure of your dominant Enneagram type, schedule a typing session with me to help you identify yours. Through this process you can learn your thought patterns and developed habits, and, how knowing these will help you develop professionally and personally. You will leave the typing session having identified your two most likely enneagram types and why that is the case along with strategies and direction for growth and development.

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