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I help people who are meeting change to step into curiosity.   Instead of asking ‘How did this happen?’ and ‘Who’s fault is it?’ we create a space to ask ‘What’s changing?’  ‘How can we grow from here?’ and ‘Who do we choose to be in this context?  Through this approach I encourage individual and collective leadership. It is a generative approach for people, teams and organisations navigating through any form of transition.


Healthy systems produce better outcomes. A healthy system is one where healthy relationships are prioritised, ensuring people are connected and cared for. People participate in change they have had a hand in creating. This more human-centred approach best supports agency, creativity and achievement of desired results. 

My work is organic, responsive, participative and co-designed with you to find new pathways and solutions and where the ownership of the process remains yours and where you bring about the desired change.

Benefits to this way of working are…

  • Moves people from feeling stuck to momentum and growth
  • Generates energy of potential and possibility
  • Increases connection and capacity for collaboration 
  • Develops self-awareness and provides valuable new insights
  • Increases adaptive ability and more distributed leadership
  • Provides language and frameworks for understanding change 
  • Surfaces awareness of organisation culture and of needed culture shifts
  • Aligns values with purpose and direction
  • Helps prevent burnout 
  • Reinforces positive synergies, increasing tolerance for difference

It is a qualitative, process-based approach requiring investment of time and energy, willingness to collaborate, curiosity and openness to enquiry, engagement with ‘not-knowing’ and investment of organisational resources in people and process.