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Susan Coughlan

Hello. I’m Susan Coughlan

I’m a consultant, coach, facilitator and trainer with a love for supporting practitioners in the arts and culture sector to navigate this rapidly changing world. I help people create space for powerful new conversations and develop new ways of working that better meet the challenges of now.



I help people who are meeting change to step into curiosity. Instead of asking ‘How did this happen?’ and ‘Who’s fault is it?’ we create a space to ask:
What’s changing?
How can we grow from here?
Who do we choose to be in this context?



I provide facilitation for events and gatherings where facilitation is part of a process rather than an isolated one-off event. Traditionally the role of facilitator is understood as ‘making things easy’. Developmental facilitation extends further, catalysing ways for groups and gatherings to maximise their capacity to work well together and achieve their purpose.



My coaching approach is relational and holistic. Whether leader, entrepreneur or practitioner, I focus on you as a whole person, supporting you to maximise your energy, creativity and aliveness. I also bring a strategic focus and can be your ally, critical friend, and champion.