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My style of facilitation is developmental. I provide facilitation for events and gatherings where facilitation is usually part of a process rather than an isolated one-off event. Traditionally the role of facilitator is understood as ‘making things easy’ (from French word ‘facile’).  Developmental facilitation extends further, catalysing ways for groups and gatherings to maximise their capacity to work well together and achieve their purpose.

I do this by holding the task, the relationships, the process and the context in sight at all times.

I facilitate…

  • Team development 
  • Board strategy or away-days
  • Peer group learning
  • Action learning
  • Post project debriefs 
  • Support sessions for collaborating teams or groups
  • Networks and communities of practice
  • Post project debriefs 
  • Collaborations across difference 

As an external facilitator working in partnership with you, I help you create a gathering that becomes more than the sum of its parts.

  • I harness the event as an opportunity to identify, lead and model desired changes in culture, purpose, and leadership
  • I co-design and hold your event in ways that maximise its value for investment

In addition to achieving your event’s specific outcomes, further organisational benefits include…

  • Less resistance and greater openness towards change
  • Healthier collegial relationships, improved connection and sense of belonging
  • Leadership support in context
  • Deeper understanding of organisations and change
  • Language for and modelling of desired culture shifts

Contact me here to discuss how I can help you through introducing skilful facilitation to your organisation or team.


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